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On a day which was particularly stressful for Liberty Inc., a strange warrior appeared out of nowhere near the Liberty Bay dock area and began attracting a lot of attention. Doc Astounding and the rest of the team arrived to find him brawling with the police. After they got him calmed down, Doc realized that he spoke only ancient Greek. After Doc gave him a translator device, the warrior told them that he was the legendary warrior Odysseus himself, having gotten lost in the fog during a hunt and suddenly finding himself here. This story was later confirmed by Mighty Mercury, who had delivered a message to Odysseus in his younger days.

Powers and Abilities

Odysseus possesses overall physical abilities far above those of normal humans, most especially his strength, which is exceeded by very few known superhumans. According to Odysseus, he is actually considerably weaker than he was in his younger days. He claims that there were a good number of heroes with is abilities during his time, and that he would be considered merely above average among warriors of his own time.

He is a formidably trained warrior, capable of fighting with all weapon types which would have been known to ancient Greeks. Modern weapons, such as guns, are unknown to him and he often lacks a proper appreciation of the danger they present.

Odysseus is also a master tactician and can often turn nearly impossible odds to his team's advantage.