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Airman Brain Fowler had never wanted to be in the military, but it was either that or jail, and he didn't want jail.

Jail would have been preferable to the living nightmare that service in the Air Force was to one lazy criminal.

One day as he was half-hartedly working his usual spot at airport generator maintence, he spotted a strange purple cannister. Momentarily distracted by it, he stumbled, grabbing an exposed electrical lead right as the cannister broke open, engulfing him in a burst of Energy X.

Now possessing the power of electricity, he escaped into Liberty Bay, believing that with his powers, he would no longer be anyone's patsy.

He was too stupid to remain free for long, however, and, while randomly tearing up the city, soon ended up meeting The Hawk. While Copertop believes himself to be The Hawk's friend and partner, he is really just a lackey who happens to make himself useful.

Powers and Abilities

Coppertop's body constantly produces vast amounts of electricy. He can generate more power at will and produce a seemingly unlimited array of electrical bolts. His touch, being very highly charged, is also quite deadly. The extreme amounts of residual electricity present even in his very cells and blood causes his internal fluids and organs to have a highly corrosive effect on all known substances, much like a very strong acid. Because of this, and his electrical attack, engaging him hand-to-hand combat is not recommended.

The Hawk also found another use for him: as a living battery for his armored suit. While Coppertop can still recharge his suit, The Hawk has since re-designed it to be able to function on internal power alone, although to a somewhat limited extent.

Because of his extreme stupidity, his actions must be guided by another to be of any effect other than random destruction. At the moment, he is being guided, or rather manipulated, by the mercenary known as The Hawk. If separated from him, he would most likely go on a destructive rampage like the one he went on before joining The Hawk.


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