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Karl Thompkins was a small-time thug working in Pinstripe's new Liberty Bay organization, but he had big-time ambitions. When he attempted to carve out a section of Liberty Bay for himself, Karl made his last mistake. Pinstripe confronted him and ordered him thrown into the river in concrete shoes. He quickly sunk to the bottom, and had landed by some ancient dinosaur bones, when he was struck by a bolt of Energy X. With his newfound reptilian strength and cunning, he burst out of the river and soon took control of Liberty Bay's mob.

Powers and Abilities

Dinosaur is now a humanoid saurian. As such he has hard scales which are highly resiliant to damage. He also possesses greatly enhanced strength and endurance, able to lift up to one ton.

His greatest weakness is his stupidity, although a sort of animal cunning from his Dinosaur side has moderated that somewhat. He also is coldblooded, making him vulnerable to extreme temperature changes.

Dinosaur's thugs

Dinosaur makes use of thugs enhanced with his own reptilian nature. They have similar, although less extreme, abilities to his own.


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