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The Hawk


Mechanical genius Frank Jennings was tired of being stuck in a low-level engineering position. He longed for something more. That's why he developed The Plan. By following The Plan, he would become Somebody, Somebody that all who looked down on him would come to fear.

As part of the plan, he began actively developing an idea he had for some time, and one which many had laughed at him for--an urban battlesuit. To better prepare himself, he began training himself in the martial arts, even as he drew up his plans and begun to steal parts from his workplace to begin the suit's construction.

Once it was completed, he presented himself to a local crime boss and began his career as the mysterious mercenary known only as The Hawk.

Soon after beginning he career, he answered a call by a local criminal whose operations were being attacked by a being with electrical powers. Expecting to find a hero, he instead encountered the rampaging Coppertop. He saw in Coppertop an easy solution to his suit's main weakness--a lack of a power source sufficient to keep all its weapon systems going at once. Convincing Coppertop that he was a friend, he made him a lesser partner, using him to recharge his suit as needed, in addition to the extra firepower Coppertop provides.

Hawk actually despises Coppertop, seeing in his stupidity the sort of person others used to think he was. As recent upgrades to his suit have made him less dependent on Coppertop as a power source, it may be only a matter of time before The Hawk dumps Coppertop and becomes fully independent once more.

Powers and Abilities

The Hawk has no powers of his own, but gains all his abilities from the urban combat suit he designed and from the gadgets built into it. The actual weapons he uses vary depending on what he will need for a given mission. Common weapon system include a razor-sharp bird-a-rang, blinding flashers, and a potent tear-gas-like chemical that induces unconsciousness. The suit also enhances his natural strength and contains a powerful force shield.

Power continues to be the suit's main disadvantage, although less so than in the pass. If he was able to design the suit with unlimited power, it's combat potential would be nearly unstoppable. As it is, The Hawk must carefully manage his use of power, forcing him to use only a few systems at a time.


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