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The Rat King


One day, in the mid 1930's a strange creature collapsed in front of a farmhouse in Pennsyvania. The farmer, a man named Waren Wilberson, took in the strange rat-like creature and nursed her back to health.

The rat-woman was a strange, even alien, creature, but was also very gentle and kind, and told him many astonishing stories of the underground world which she came from, and of the frightening creatures that lived therein. Waren soon found himself falling in love with her in spite of her rodent-like appearance.

Because of her monstrous appearance, however, he was afraid to let anyone know. With the help of a few close friends, they were married in a private, though not strictly legal, ceremony, and the couple soon had a son.

Soon, however, rumors began circulating in the town nearby about the strange creatures being seen around the Wilberson farm, and curious people began to sneak out for a look. It was not long before the family was discovered. A mostly drunken mob quickly formed and attacked the farmhouse. Waren was captured, but not before making sure that his wife and child had escaped. The mob beat him to a pulp and left him for dead. The rat-woman and the child, however, made it safely away and finally back down into the underground city of the rat-people.

The hybrid rat-child was raised with stories of the horrors of the surface world, and the evil sorts of people who lived there. As he grew up, he discovered that he was much more intelligent than the rat people. They, in turn, admired him as being greater than the rest of them and made him their leader. Now calling himself The Rat King, the hybrid lead his people to finally dominating the vast underground monsters that had plagued them for centuries, and beat back the Subterranians, with whom they had a long running, and losing, war.

With the underground kingdom secure, The Rat King began planning his revenge against the world which had wronged him and his parents--a war to conquer the surface world and teach it to respect him and fear his name.

Powers and Abilities

The Rat King is a humanoid with a few rodent-like features. These give him keen senses and high agility, but no other powers. He is, however, a well trained warrior in his own right and more than a match for even a powerful superhero. He is, in addition, a natural leader, with a combination of a sharp intellect, a brilliant tactical mind, and an animal sense of cunning.

The Rat King brings with him an entire army of Rat Men, fearsome, if somewhat stupid, warriors with sharp teeth and no sense of hygiene. The Rat Men bring with them many fierce monsters from the underground kingdom, which they now control and unleash upon their enemies.

The most clever Rat Men form The Rat King's elite Rat Guard, who remain with him at all times.